Van Trackers Explained

Have you ever wondered about exactly what van trackers are used for and how they can benefit a company or individual? Then read on and I will attempt to fill in any information you may not already know.

In its very basic form vehicle tracking is where an electrical device is fitted to vehicle which in most cases is a commercial van or other work vehicle. Depending upon the size of the company the vehicles will be monitored from an external control room, information will be relayed throughout the day regarding the van’s location. GPS and Glonass are the most commonly used forms during the tracking process. Companies are able to view locations via maps through the use of customised software.

Tracker systems are split into two different types, active and passive. The latter passive system stores information from the vehicles journeys and in turn is collected and downloaded to retrieve the data. Active systems give the data and information in real time to a control centre for constant evaluation.

One of the benefits for companies to use tracking is to monitor its employee’s use of their vehicles. Many companies have found that through the use of this system drivers have been discouraged from using company resources out of work hours; this in turn has saved money by excess fuel claims and wear and tear.

Vehicle tracking can also be used as a preventative measure for van security, should it be stolen police can simply follow the vehicles signal and apprehend the criminals. Some advanced tracking systems have the ability to allow a third party to control some of its features including automatic engine shut off and door locking in case of an incident taking place.

Commercial Van fleets have seen a huge improvement via the use of trackers, ensuring that controllers can see the exact locations of its vehicles has given the industry a great advantage in organising shipments and routes to correspond with customers needs.

Not only limited now to the commercial van industry the trackers have found many other uses in everyday life, for example hotels are now employing these systems within their own hospitality cars so they can be sure to greet guests in advance at their hotel entrances.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to having this tracking system fitted, there are many companies that offer a variety of solutions and have the knowledge to show you just how you can get the most out of Commercial van tracking solutions.