Securing Your Van

When you buy a new van you can be assured that it will come with the latest and most modern security system. Even with these forms of security it can still pay to invest in some other types of security device to make sure you keep your van as safe and sound as possible.

Having your van or even its contents stolen can defiantly be catastrophic to say the least so making sure that you have many security precautions installed is very important.

Deadlocks – These types of locks are one of the most common options, they operate away from the vehicles own security system so require more effort on the part of the person breaking in. Deadlocks also help by allowing the driver to control exactly which doors/ access points are unlocked at any one time which reduces any possible problems.

Slamlocks – Slamlocks are a great system to use if you are a delivery driver or someone who is in and out of their van every few minutes. Simply when the door is shut it will lock, this is also very handy if you are carrying several parcels and aren’t able to lock the door manually.

Anti hijack system – A relatively new system but becoming more and more popular in the UK the anti hijack system works by allowing someone to drive off in the vehicle but will gradually slow down to an almost walking pace. This gives the driver a chance to get away from the vehicle and hijacker and alert the authorities.

Alarm – Alarms are often available as extras in most new vans that are manufactured; they work by emitting a loud sound from the van to draw attention to it or can now even send the owner a text message should it be activated. These are effective but situations may arise that lessen the alarms worth, for example should your van be parked in an isolated area is it not particularly effective if no one can hear its alarm.

Trackers – Installing a tracker can seriously help you get your van and contents back, these wonderful devices use VHF radio technology to allow police to track your property. It is said that a large percentage of vehicles that are stolen and have a tracker installed are found within two hours.

To recap, all of these devices can help with the security of your van but if someone really does want to steal your van they will try their best to get in. All that security can do is provide an inconvenience so that they will leave your van and try another less protected vehicle.