Breathe New Life Into A Used Digger Derrick With Reconditioning!

When a commercial vehicle is five to ten years old, there can be increasing difficulty in delivering the kind of service that is wanted and needed by a company. Many used commercial vehicles being sold have undergone repairs and maintenance to restore them to nearly new condition so that ongoing reliability to meet business objectives can be achieved.

When buying a used digger derrick, there are many mechanical problems that could arise during the remainder of a normal service life that could result in negative financial consequences. To avoid such an occurrence, it is imperative to thoroughly inspect any vehicle being considered for purchase and seek a fully reconditioned model for maximum performance and dependability.

Selection Reasons

Choosing a reconditioned truck can allow a business to continue to be profitable while meeting and accomplishing everyday challenges. When used trucks are restored to good condition, maximum performance can be provided while maintenance costs can be minimized and safety with machine reliability can be increased. Automotive technicians use various methods to deliver quality service that can decrease breakdowns and increase the equipment’s potential.

When buying a used digger derrick, it is essential to find one that has been fully reconditioned. Aside from the ability to enhance a company image, it can save in operating costs by: decreasing breakdowns; increasing performance efficiency and productivity; being more economical; lengthening service life; maintaining a company’s investment and neutralizing an aging fleet. With current economic conditions, many companies are choosing to purchase reconditioned rather than new because of a positive impact on operating costs.


Reconditioning includes a thorough inspection and dismantling to determine if any components need to be repaired or replaced which should be handled by a technician who can detect and reveal any mechanical problems. The truck will then undergo a restoration process where essential parts such as gears, brake systems, hydraulics, differentials, bearings, pistons, cylinder covers, axles, rubber linings and wheel drums are cleaned and degreased to be sure that the machine will function at peak capacity and future expenses reduced. The exterior is then completely sanded; dents pulled, and rusted metal removed; after that the body is repainted including the chassis.

After everything has been thoroughly checked, degreased, and repainted, all components and broken parts are restored, replaced, and reassembled to be sure that the truck is in top shape and fully capable of proper functioning. A final inspection is then normally conducted by automobile experts to be certain that the vehicle is in outstanding condition and safe to use in daily operations.

Purchasing a used digger derrick is another way help a company’s business operations without costing too much money. Buying used equipment is logical if it has been fully overhauled in order to achieve its full potential. Reconditioning such vehicles removes the need for repairs and decreases operating expenses with proper maintenance. Constant breakdowns can be prevented from happening in the middle of a job, which could otherwise adversely affect production. Reconditioning can breathe new life into a digger derrick and restore its optimal performance!