6 Steps to Getting Your LGV Licence

Step 1 – Find a training provider

Find a suitable LGV training provider, there are many available online. I’d advise you to be careful as there are a few different types of training providers, firstly there are actual training schools who will require you to do your own research and submit your licence applications and book your own theory test. Secondly you have training brokers who will dedicate staff to help you through the steps and book your theory test and practicals for you. Unfortunately amongst the brokers there are a few fraudsters, so please be aware and always research he companies reputation before you hand over your money.

Step 2 – Your medical

It’s important you get your medical form filled in by a doctor after they’ve performed a medical check on you. The medical asses your general health to see if you are physically fit to be driving long hours for work. You can either get your own D4 Medical form or your LGV training provider may supply it for you. Medicals will cost you around £40 – £180, if your local GP quotes you on the higher end of the scale, remember you can always shop around. I managed to find a doctors surgery who did it for me for £40.

Step 3 – Apply for your provisional LGV Licence

Yes, even though you’ve got a normal car licence, you still have to apply for a provisional Cat C licence. This can be done by filling in a DVLA D2 form and then posting it back to DVLA Swansea. In the meanwhile its wise to start revising for you theory test, you can buy official DSA theory training books, CD’s or even revise online.

Step 4 – Theory Test

You will eventually receive your provisional licence from the DVLA at which point you should hopefully be ready to sit your theory test at a DSA theory test centre. The theory test can be booked by yourself or your training provider may book it on your behalf and cover the costs within the training package that you have purchased from them.

Step 5 – Practical Driving Test

Once you’ve successfully passed your theory test, you can begin your practical driving. Depending on your experience, confidence and ability you should usually be able to pick up everything you need in a 5 day intensive LGV training. You will then have to perform a one and half hour driving test at the end of your intensive LGV training.

Step 6 – Practical Test Associated Knowledge

This is an official test you will take at a DSA practical test centre that will need you to demonstrate and explain matters regarding being professional while being a lorry driver, so it’s a test more about things such as secure loading, dealing with emergency and pre-checks etc. You will need a passmark of 80% to pass this test.