You Can Sell Your Gas Guzzling SUV – Fast!

With national average gas prices now above $4 a gallon – and rising – many SUV owners are feeling a great deal of pain at the pump. So much so that many SUV owners want to sell their gas-guzzling SUVs – and fast – in favor of more economical vehicles.

After all, large SUVs such as the GMC Yukon Denali have gas tanks of 30 gallons or larger, while maintaining less-than-stellar fuel economy. This can translate to frequent $100+ fill-ups.

If draining your wallet just to fill your tank is no longer your cup of tea, you’ll certainly want to sell your gas-guzzling SUV. But before you decide to list your car privately, hoping for a quick sale, remember that it can be incredibly difficult to sell an SUV in the current market, due to the high gas prices, and negative consumer sentiment regarding the inefficient vehicles. Today, very few people are interested in big SUVs, and those that are demand absolute bargain prices.

To sell your gas-guzzling SUV in today’s market you’ll need to price it very competitively to attract buyers. You may have to set an asking price several hundred – or thousand – dollars below blue book value to have any shot at generating interest.

And you can forget trading your SUV in at the dealership. Expect to be offered very, very little for your SUV, as dealerships are certainly not very interested in SUVs today, as they must anticipate the difficulty of re-selling the vehicles themselves. Expect shockingly low trade-in offers in most cases.

All this may lead you to believe you’d just be better off keeping your SUV and hoping that gas prices start to come back down again in the near future.

But before you give up on selling, or decide to accept an incredibly low offer, consider getting a free quote from a used car buyer.

It’s definitely something worth looking into if you’re looking to sell your gas-guzzling SUV fast -and without taking too much of a ‘beating’ on the final selling price.