What Is The Best Fabric When It Comes to Truck Covers?

Anyone who has spent a good amount of money on buying their truck knows the feeling of wanting to keep it in good condition like how you got it. You want no stains or scratches, or any marks. But a vehicle that is parked out in the open can so easily be ruined when it is exposed to the elements. The UV rays from the sun make the paint fade and heat up the truck. The rain and dust that reach your truck can leave dirty stains and corrode the paint work. Bird droppings and tree sap will land on your truck and overall your truck will not anymore be shining and gleaming the way you would really want.

What you can do to make a big difference to your truck is to buy one of the many truck covers available all over: on the web, in any large store. There are hundreds of covers available, you just have to choose one that suits your needs and finances best. 

Every truck cover is made out of fabric, but there is a big range of qualities available. Some fabrics are more waterproof, or more breathable, or more sun resistant etc than others. So how will you know what you need to look out for?

A fabric that is highly water resistant will protect your truck fully from rain and snow – a must if you live in a wet area. But it’s vital that you know that the cover should be water resistant not waterproof. Waterproof covers will not let your truck breathe, and moisture will get trapped inside, ruining the exterior of the truck. Make sure to look for water resistant. It is very important that the cover is breathable, allowing moisture to escape so that your truck won’t get damaged and go rusty. 

Now another really important point to know is that the sun’s rays really damage the vehicle. They cause the paint to wear away and overall heat the truck up a lot. If you live in a place where the sun is out and hot much of the time, you should buy a truck cover that the fabric is highly resistant to the UV rays. This will also make sure that your cover itself will have a longer life, as it is more resistant to the sun.

Most covers have a soft finish on the inside, and the softer the inside surface, the kinder the cover will be to your truck. A soft surface will not scratch the paint of your truck while you put on the cover and it will be gentle to the truck’s exterior. Keep an eye out for the covers that have a soft inner surface – you are ensuring your vehicle is kept the best way possible. 

So when you go to buy a cover for your truck, remember that there are so many different qualities available. Choose the one that you can afford, but with the most advantages in the fabric as possible.