Vehicle Transport Companies Ensure Safety of Military’s Cars

Vehicle transport companies ensure that military personnel’s vehicles will arrive at their new military base or housing in the same condition when they left.

Because of the military’s need to be mobile, transport companies work with military personnel on a regular basis. They will often ship multiple vehicles when soldiers are being shipped out of state to new duty posts. They also offer door to port services (from Hawaii to Alaska) which makes long-distance relocation easier.

Military Personnel Benefit from Cost-Effective Vehicle Transport

Military personnel benefit from the services that vehicle transportation companies provide:

o Cost-effective way for military to ship multiple vehicles to different locations

o Safe, secure relocation of personal automobiles and motorcycles

o Hassle-free order placement

o 24/7 online tracking of vehicles

Standard services that are offered (at no additional cost) include:

o Door to Door Open Car Carrier: Vehicle is picked up and delivered to designated location. The assigned carrier will place vehicle on a double decker auto transport truck. This is the most cost-effective way to transport vehicles promptly.

o Door to Door Enclosed Car Carrier: Vehicle is picked up and delivered to designated location. The Assigned carrier will place vehicle inside a covered truck (provides extra protection from weather and road conditions). Recommended method to transport luxury and more high-end vehicles.

Trained Technicians Take Hassle Out of Vehicles’ Paperwork

Military personnel don’t have the time to deal with the details of vehicle transportation. As a courtesy, these companies take the hassle out of paperwork and handle all necessary details to provide a smooth relocation of vehicles.

Trained transport technicians handle all the necessary paperwork and details of transporting vehicles including insurance and special needs of car. They are fully bonded, licensed insurance carriers. They also comply with the Department of Transportation’s regulations for all states nationwide and take care of all the stressful details for military personnel.

Guaranteed Safety of Vehicles and Customer Service Expertise

Vehicle transportation companies guarantee protection of military personnel’s valuable assets (their cars). Military personnel can trust that their vehicles will be safe and secure en route to their new locations.

They also offer customer service via a toll-free number and can quickly answer questions about order placement or vehicle shipping information. Trained auto specialists also help figure out the best possible route for shipment of military personnel’s vehicles. They offer free quotes on rates and work within military personnel’s budgets to provide the most cost-effective shipping rates.