Gas Mileage of an SUV

An SUV is a kind of vehicle that is well known for its ability to consume gas without ‘a thought for tomorrow’. What I mean is that, many sport utility vehicles are gas consumers but there is none that gives you the best mileage of SUV apart from the SUV itself. Although they are high maintenance vehicles, they can give you the best gas mileage.

To get the best gas mileage of SUV, it is advisable that we look at the various models that automobile industries have come up with. The ford escape was one model in 2007, known for its high mileage of 29 highway miles per gallon, around 31 cities. The next best model was the four wheel version which goes around 28 cities around 27 highways.

Among the escape model is the Mariner, mercury version with the same mileage. All ford and mercury models have got among the best gas mileage of SUV. They have four cylinder engines each of about 2.3 litre, and in addition they have got CVT automatic transmission. Other models are the Lexus and Toyota which have got 3.3 liters of six cylinders engine to CVT automation and which will do 28 cities and 25 highway miles.

Not to be left behind is the Saturn Vue Hybrid which will do 23 cities and 29 high ways. However with technological expansion, we can expect to get more brands that will guarantee us more than the best gas mileage of SUV that we currently have. For now, enjoy the model of the SUV you have while it lasts.