Avoiding Common Accidents on Your Motorcycle

As all riders know, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Every time a rider takes to the road, they are in effect putting their life in danger. Therefore, for riders, new and experienced, it’s important to know how to avoid common accidents when on your motorcycle.

The most common accidents that bikers get involved in are collisions at junctions, collisions while overtaking, loss of control, either from a shunt or, and, failing to get round a bend. The key to minimising the risk of any of these happening is mainly within anticipation. It is extremely vital to read the road ahead, or another road user’s intentions. If you react in plenty of time to prospective hazards you should keep out of trouble.

The countryside can be an especially dangerous place if not judged correctly. It’s always a good idea to look out for clues to the way a bend is going to run, whether that shape you can spot in the distance is a line of trees, telegraph poles or hedges.

If you are driving along a busy urban street, then cars pulling out are your prime danger so its important to look for signs that they are going to move. A good way of checking is to look at the driver’s hands moving on the steering wheel, the wheels starting to move or an oncoming vehicle flashing to let someone pull out on to you.

Shunts can be very common between motorcyclists and cars. These happen when you don’t leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front, so work on your road positioning and make sure to get to know how well your bike’s brakes work so you can always stop if you see that you need to in the distance.

With just two small tyre contact patches riders have to have lots of respect for the road surfaces. Poor weather, diesel spills, manholes, mud and painted road surfaces can catch all drivers out so make sure to look out for all of these. Other clues to look out for are: harvesting and ploughing, black clouds and oncoming vehicles with headlights blazing.

Many riders eventually decide they want to sell their bike. If you decide I want to ‘ sell my bike for cash ‘ then make sure you get the best deal possible. Be sure to be safe when riding your motorcycle and you will have a thoroughly enjoyable time.