Which Bass Box to Use With Your Subwoofer

If you already have a neat subwoofer or if you’re still looking for one that suits the sound you need and matches the size of your car, you have to check first what kind of sound you like to hear. The choice will depend on what kind of a listener you are and what music you appreciate. The hip hop person would have different musicality needs from the jazz lover – so they have different expectations of a sub system in their cars.

In choosing a subwoofer, you have to consider that an 8-inch sized sub may not blow your brain out in the bedroom, but it can really rock your mind out when it’s installed in the car. A smaller sub would produce very rich but moderate bass while a bigger one will give you a dominant one.

The next step is to find the bass box to fit the sub and match your taste for bass and sound. The subs need to be amplified because the human ear is not equipped to detect the lover frequencies. The higher the bass, the better sounding it is for people. A big sub will give you more bass but it will require much space in your trunk. Keep in mind that a big size is not necessary since you can get good quality 8-inch subs that can sound better than some cheaper 12-inch systems.

Bass Box Enclosures, now that you have a subwoofer, your next move is to choose the type of enclosure depending on your taste for music. 70% of the sound coming from the sub would come from the quality of enclosure you have installed.

Sealed bass boxes are recommended if you want some extra trunk space. These boxes are relatively smaller. Small cars like sports cars can benefit from this type of enclosure. The bass sound that comes out of this box is highly accurate, but here isn’t much of the “boom” that most people look for in an audio system. You will also need an audio amplifier in this kind of setup.

The other type of bass box is the ported or vented box. This is larger than the sealed so it will eat up trunk space. This is box is designed to let the rear sound come out too from a port or vent. The channeled sound combined with the sound from the cone produces the boom that some want to have in their car audio. There is no need for an audio amplifier for this setup. It produces better low bass and low distortion.