The DC Kit System of the Electric Car

The electric car is technological wonder. It is car that runs on batteries. In other words, it is operated by batteries and not gasoline. The batteries arranged in a pack are able to supply power to the motor which then drives the car. Reversing and forward movement are all produced by the battery. The electric car’s battery is therefore a complex set of components that needs to be looked at.

In the electric car conversion, you can buy the battery components and fix in your car you can buy them as a kit. The kit costs more. If you buy the components, then you will buy a set of about 10 batteries, stack them together and then use cable to connect them to produce power as one piece. So in effect you will join about 10 batteries but the car will see it as one because of the way they have been joined. If you buy the kit, you will not have any joining or cabling to do. Everything comes as a set. There is the casing, the cable and the batteries.

The system that we find most in electric cars are called DC conversions. This is the system that is used to power light weight electric cars. So small sedan and light pick ups are all running on DC systems. This system will also give a car up to 140 Volts of electric power usually recommended for cars with manual transmission. The DC system will give the electric car a speed of about 90 miles per hour and it will take about 100 miles to recharge.

There are two types of DC systems. The universal and the custom. The universal will include all you need to get your car DC working. It has been made to fit some particular cars. The custom requires elaborate modification for the owner to make it suitable for any given car.