The Best Chassis For an Electric Car Conversion

Unless you are buying an electric car made straight from the factory, you may be probably converting an existing gasoline engine to an electric car. In the latter case, you may want to know that not all cars are suitable for conversion to electric. Some are better converted than others. A small car with lots of space is easier to convert. A small car is of light weight and will require a smaller motive power. A car with enough space at the back will be good to pack the batteries.

You cannot accurately say one car is better than others but obviously a light car is easier to convert. It should be too small either because you need space to pack the batteries. Ordinary sedans are therefore very suitable and light trucks too. Heavy trucks and SUVs may not do well with the electric conversion.

Some cars like the Porsche 914 have kits specially made for them. This means you will only buy these pre manufactured components to fit into your car. Everything will fit perfectly and you will not have any extensive alteration to make. With these type of cars, you can be able to get a full conversion within a day and a half.

Pick ups, especially the light ones are also ideal for the conversions. They already have a large bed at the back to pack the batteries.

The kind of chassis you choose can affect your speed. The longer and bigger, the slower the car will become, And then the the smaller and shorter, the faster. You can be able to compensate for fater4 speed with the long chassis but this may result in quicker depletion of the battery.