What to Look for When Buying an Austin Healey

The Austin Healey is a classic vintage & for those who are into classics, the hardcore classic lovers. So if you are not into classics it’s better to take a test ride probably at a rent a car place to find out if this is for you. But always there is a problem while buying classics. It’s the condition of the ride. Mostly if the car is for sale it will or should be refurbished or reconstructed from an older scrap or used model. Go through the various cars at Austin Healey for sale.

As there are many models of an Austin Healey we will be discussing them in short.

Healey 100/4

Four cylinder engine

long stroke 2,660cc overhead valve (OHV)

90 bhp

150 lb ft of torque

Drum brakes

Healey 100/6

6 cylinder engine


interior re-designed, 2×2 seat layout

Healey 3000 MkI

six cylinder

2,912 cc

124 bhp

disk breaks in the front

sliding panel windows

Healey 3000 MkII

triple carburetor engine (some converted back to single units)

132 bhp

(Sports Convertible model)

wind up windows

hood revised, fast folding

brake servo (optional from manufacturer)

Healey 3000 MkIII

engine same

luxurious interior

polished walnut dashboard

lockable glove box

radio with a single speaker

improved seats with foldable rear seats for enhanced luggage capacity for a car with less luggage space.

Choosing the type or model of Healey is a purely personal decision. But when you do look for chassis damage, rust, paint damage or body damage rust on body, instrumentation internal & external working non working, & finally take a ride in the one you are going to buy to see how it runs. Whether some parts need replacement or the car itself needs to be serviced. Ask the seller about previous problems the car has had & what did he do to rectify them, be thorough on the condition of the car. Maybe to avoid all this Austin Healey for sale should see to it you are getting a good car.

Once you are satisfied go for it!