The Vauxhall Cars Family – Making Motoring Better

Britain has always had a love affair with Vauxhall cars. The company started to rival its American counterpart (anyone who has lived in the United Kingdom at any point since 1980 will know what we mean) with its own versions of sensible, attractive family vehicles in the early 80s – and has been going strong ever since. Now, Vauxhall vehicles are some of the most commonly owned in the country thanks to their reliability, their value and their style.

One of the most obvious factors in the Vauxhall success story is the breadth of appeal that the company’s vehicles have. Vauxhall cars are designed to appeal across the full spectrum of upper low, mid, and lower upper income people and families – ensuring that there is a vehicle that answers every need of pretty much every person in these groups. Furthermore, Vauxhall vehicles can only be bought in confidence from approved Vauxhall dealers – like, for example, the by now legendary Dickens Group, a family run Vauxhall dealership operating in the northern parts of the United Kingdom.

The Dickens Group has been trading on its own family values for years. As approved by Vauxhall, it gets to espouse those values through the quality and reliability of the vehicles: not to mention the universal appeal that the much loved marque still has.

The thing that really sets Vauxhall cars up on the map, aside from their clear family connections, is the fact that each vehicle has been designed to be the best that it can be. Vauxhall didn’t just realise that it would do well by creating a family car, a sports car and an executive saloon: it knew that the secret was to create the best family car, the best sports car and the best executive saloon. Vauxhall was, and is, successful because it aimed its cars at the market and then made sure that those cars were the best examples of their type. So a Vauxhall sports car, for example, is not supposed to be a super car, but an excellent example of a sporty car for a family member. And that is exactly what it is. Vauxhall cars represent the best quality examples of the kinds of vehicle they were designed to be.

“Family” is a key word in the Vauxhall vocabulary. All Vauxhall’s cars are really designed to fit in with some aspect of family life – whether that aspect is transporting several kids to school, doing the shopping, or bowing a little to dad’s (or mum’s for that matter) inner racing driver. As such, all the cars in the Vauxhall roster have a clear relationship with each other. Vauxhall cars themselves fall into one big family, and you can clearly see how each one shares traits with the others – comfort, reliability, and value for money. No wonder the British family is so enamoured of them: and no wonder that it likes to go to a family run dealership to buy them.