DS3 Test Citroen 1.6 THP 150 Hp

Formula for success

The advertising slogan for this model focuses on one word “antiretro”, this means that when developing the DS3 have preferred a fresh start and do not draw on any model of the past to no limitations are imposed, a very successful for make optimum use of space. But to name this new series, chose the name of one of our most distinguished of its past: the Citroen DS, known as Shark in Spain and launched in 1955. Leaving aside this small advertising minor contradiction, these two letters are the beginning of a new series of models that are situated just a step above current C models, that is to be come a DS4 and DS5 during 2011. The first thing almost everyone says to see the DS3 is “reminds me of the Mini. ” Actually that is the objective pursued by the French brand. Citroen have been well studied in its jurisdiction of Alfa, Fiat or Mini and have selected the most interesting and best work of all of them to produce the first offspring of a new generation of Citroen with aspirations Premium

More quality

As we sat in the DS3 we find higher quality materials than usual, everywhere we look we appreciate all you are good fits and higher quality plastic than the average. Being based on the platform of the Citroen C3 we can say that space is quite reasonable and well spent. Maybe the ceiling lower than the C3 you to lose height for passengers but the fact of not being inspired by models of the past, like its rivals, allows them to offer more space. In the rear of the DS3 two adults can sit comfortably and three a bit tight. The design of the dashboard collapsed on the right side located right where the glove makes it can scratch a few inches for releasing the rear seat passenger of the right if necessary. We have not seen other interior finish DS3 but what is clear is that the Sport trim we can not find a single hit. The whole design of the box, console and various finishes are really good, worthy of a sports car of a higher segment. All controls and knobs have a solid feel and appearance to raise questions why not make all to these aesthetic parameters and quality.Citroen

The range

The starting price for the DS3 is of 15,100 euros. This corresponds to the version of 1.4 liters gasoline of 95 horses. The rest of the cast is completed by the motor 1.6 of 120 and 150 horsepower, the latter is the one that illustrates our test and its price rises to 19,700 euros. For diesel mechanics is the starting price of 17,700 euros, 1.6 HDI 90 hp. The ceiling on price range puts 110 hp version with 20,000 euros. The standard features from the basic version, 8 airbags, ESP, traction control, gear shift indicator, regulator, speed limiter, etc, but we can also add a huge variety of customization options. Along with the four colors available for the roof: black, white, blue and brown in the interior can choose from eight in the dashboard. mirrors chrome, different finishes for the exterior of the body paint and adhesives for the roof; leopard, polka dots are some of them. The front LED lights are also part of the optional and at extra cost of 260 euros. Other options such as the browser they are included within a large aid package that includes the parking and air conditioning among many other extras, is priced at 1,874 euros.

Driving behavior

Although the base of DS3 is the humble C3, driving has little to do between them. It is evident throughout the range DS and especially in this version, which puts Citroen special care to provide stability over the medium and the rest of its range, an effort that seeks to turn the leadership of the DS3 in fun and effective. The optional 17-inch tires on our unit information transmitted to the steering wheel just to realize its full potential. The management of all controls necessary and welcome. Touch and developments gearbox six-speed is complemented perfectly with the 150 horses of THP by the wisdom of their developments. On the road the sound is very contained, it shows the new insulation, and only if you force them to have some fun, hear the welcome roar of the engine, which, in our view does not seem upset.

The heart

The mechanics of this DS3 derived directly from the mounted by the Mini Cooper S and is developed jointly with BMW. The engine is a 150 horsepower 1.6-liter turbo and variable valve timing. Soft quiet and mostly fun. We tried this same mechanism installed in the Peugeot 5008 and we were surprised by its good performance and sports performance in spite of talking about a minivan over 1,500 kilos. The push into the DS3 starts from just 1,500 rpm, maximum torque is offered from 1,200, and most surprising is the ease with rises of turns, acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour is 7 3 seconds. In town is very pleasant because of this quality and do not need to play around with the change to move at a pace slow and jerk never even go with some more progress.

The most exciting part comes when we change of scenery and to highways or even better, winding roads. The suspension is perfectly complemented by the motor and thus the cornering speed is very high. Much more stable than a C3, the DS3 is not balanced in strong support. Along with the lower roll and the seats offer a proper grip on the sporty, the result is a model very fun to drive, but nothing demanding cash for smooth power delivery. It is not a violent thrust in any case, it would be more fun yet, but very steady and grateful to be from a few laps.


The DS3 is a difficult pattern to classify a segment but what is clear is that among his potential rivals in the B segment, the DS3 does stand out with their extra contribution of personality and originality. Models like the Mini, the Fiat Cinquecento or the Alfa MiTo are the three that share the philosophy of DS3 at tremendous burden of personality they have. The largest are the DS3 Citroen and Alfa Mito followed by the Mini and Cinquecento. These last drag the “burden” of having to respect the lines of their ancestors and are limited in space for reasons of design. As for the particular model of our test, the THP, compare it to his nearest rival those listed above, the Mini. The Citroen faces without complexes and with the confidence they give their weapons: more spacious, both trunk, almost double, and passengers, and also fun to drive though the Mini sets the bar very high. The DS3 others to have slightly lower prices is somewhat less sporty but not enough to complexed compared to Mini. However, the Mini has an excellent reputation and resale value higher than the DS3 and the other rivals. The other contender, Alfa MiTo is also a tough opponent to take into account, space, money and have a design full of character.

We will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the racing version of DS3 200 horses for comparison with the Mini JCW similar power. Two small pumps 200 horsepower, less than four meters and just over a thousand kilos of weight, numbers that sound very well.