Your First Public Auto Auction Expectations

If you’re unsure of what to expect at your first public auto auction you wouldn’t be the first. While some have no concerns over buying a car at a dealership it isn’t the only option out there. But, before you dive into your auto auction experience keep a few things in mind in preparation.

So what should you expect at your first car auction? It might be slightly intimidating since it’s not a widely used approach to buying that dream car. Here are a couple good points that have shown to result in a successful auto auction experience.

Hopefully, you’re aware you can save a good amount of money off retail or Kelly Blue Value but don’t expect to pick up your car for $200 or $300. Go into it knowing you’re still purchasing a car. Typically, it’s the older broke down cars that will start at $100 bucks and if that’s what you’re looking for then great.

Also, just as you would buy any used vehicle they are sold as is so it is extremely important to inspect the car the day before the auction. Prepare yourself by showing up to the auto auction the day before and build a list of cars you would want to bid on and check them out with a mechanic. You should be allowed to turn the engine on but you won’t be able to test drive it. If you go into the auctions prepared and knowing what to expect then you will be well on your way to success.

So here’s some final advice for the steps to take. First, find an acceptable public auto auction site which will give you the resources and large enough database. Second, find local auctions and autos you’re interested in. Third, personally attend the site the day before and inspect any vehicles you’re interested in. Lastly, enjoy the auction day and save some money on you’re new sweet ride.