Local Auto Auctions – How To Find Local Car Auction Listings

Local auto auctions run year round, but it is often hard to find them. Many times you can find car auction listings in your area in the newspaper, but not much information is given. The listing will simply just inform you that an auction is happening at a specified location. This is fine for someone that is just looking to get used or repo cars to sell and make some money off of, but what if you are looking for a specific car? You might go to ten local auto auctions before the car model you want is there.

Quite recently, this problem has been resolved. With the power of the internet it is now possible to search to see if an exact car make/model is going to be available at local auto auctions. These listings are updated daily and are packed with cars that are soon to be auctioned off in your area. Whats even better regarding these online local auto auctions listings is that both a picture of the vehicle and the starting bid are displayed right in the search results. This is great because you get to see the car way before the auction starts and you get to see if its a wreck or not. I’m saying this because a lot of times the newspaper ads will say that they are auctioning off a 2006 Dodge Viper. Then when you get to the auction site the Viper’s whole drivers side is smashed in. Having pictures of each car prevents you from wasting time travelling to these auctions just to be disappointed.

These online databases of local auto auctions are very helpful if you are looking to both save time and search for a specific vehicle in your area.