Government Auto Auctions – What You Need to Get Your Dream Car

Government auto auctions can be your answer to this situation: You may have felt a sense of envy whenever you stop at a traffic light junction and see a sleek BMW stopping next to you. Before you accelerate from your stationary position when the light turns green, the BMW has taken off and is at a distance ahead of you. You start to wonder why are there so many rich people around who can afford such luxury cars. It does not matter how they can afford these cars. The most important is you can be like them and find your dream car at a price you can afford at these auctions.

We will look at a few types of government auto auctions you might be interested in. These are places where you can find heaps of cars seized and confiscated by the government from criminals. Criminals like drug dealers earn big money and this can be seen in the type of automobile they drive. You can find car makes like BMW, Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsches at these auctions. So if you are keen on driving home a quality car without paying the hefty price, these auctions are for you.

Depending on whether you are looking for a luxury car or just want to buy a car for a cheap price, you can also try government car auctions since they may have government fleet vehicles and surplus vehicles. Government fleet vehicles are cars that are decommissioned from government service. You can find police cars and trucks with high mileage. However, these vehicles are often well maintained.

Surplus vehicles are not in the mainstream usage such as special vehicles belonging to law enforcement agencies, heavy equipment type vehicles, motorcycles and so on. They tend to have lower mileage and are auctioned simply because the agencies have no further use for them.

You can find dozens of great bargains at government auto auctions. However, most people are not so well informed and only those in the know are quick enough to locate them and buy up nice bargain cars at deep discounts. Nowadays, with online car portals providing the latest information about these auctions such as the locations, the prices and car makes, those who are using these services has an advantage over those who do not know.

If you need to buy a new car, but have some tight budget constraint, you might want to find out where are the nearest government auto auctions at my car blog.