Bidding At Seized Auto Auction – The Pros And Cons

Cheap and quality pre-owned cars: these are what every seized auto auction sites promise. But before you start to pay and become a member of an online auction site or go to auto auction near you, make sure that you know the pros and cons of bidding at seized auto auctions.


1. Cheap vehicle – It is true that at seized auto auctions, you can get as much as 90% savings on the vehicles you buy. This is a fact that most auto auction sites brag. And who wouldn’t? Imagine you can drive home a sedan for $500 or even less. This of course is not always the case. But if you are lucky enough and there are no one takes interest on the vehicle you are aiming at, then it can be yours cheap.

2. Quality vehicles – Seized vehicles is not always equated to badly maintained vehicles. Many times, the vehicles at seized auto auction are very well maintained. It’s just that the previous owners were not able to pay for its mortgage or they have let their vehicles to be repossessed for some reasons. Although there are some vehicles that are old, vehicles at seized auto auctions are aged between 1 and 5 years. If you are lucky, you can drive home an “almost new” quality car at a very cheap price.

3. Availability of older year model vehicles – If you are particular with a certain car year model, then you will certainly not get it from new car dealers. Where should you find it then? You guessed it right! At seized auto auctions. Since there are thousands of auction sites being held across the country, not to mention online sites, with a little determination and time you will find one waiting for you.


1. Quality – You get what you pay for, a saying that is worth mentioning when you are buying for a used car at seized auto auction. Surely, you cannot get a perfect car here but in the end, it is all about your expectations. If you are not expecting too much for vehicles at seized car auction, then a couple of hundred bucks for some repairs will not hurt.

2. Car history – There are vehicles at seized car auctions that may have been involved in accidents. This is one major consideration that should be taken seriously by any buyer. You need to check the records of the car and make sure that you do not end up bidding for car with bad history.

3. Time consuming – Before buying a car from seized auto auction, you need to go to several processes like going to auction site early, checking the car one by one, and stretching your muscles at bidding time. This may take only a day but the preparation and selection of auction sites may take days or even weeks. If you do not want to go through all these, then auction is not your option.