Headlight Restoration Guide – Tips and Tricks

Headlight restoration is a process that refinishes aged plastic headlights or lenses. This is usually caused by exposure to UV light and other environmental factors. Road debris and impact rain can also cause oxidation.

If you are considering headlight restoration for your car, here are some tips for ensuring a long-lasting result.

  • Once your headlights have reached their final state, you should consider taking your car in for a headlight cleaning.
  • You may want to use a sealant. You’ll want a sealant that will block UV rays. Turtle Wax offers a kit that contains three grades of sandpaper, lubricant, a lens clarifying compound, and sealing wipes.
  • It’s also important to follow instructions and make sure you are following the correct application procedures to avoid damage.
  • Before you start the headlight cleaning process, it’s a good idea to cover the backup and marker lights with masking tape. You’ll want to protect the chrome trim as well.
  • For major headlight restoration, you can consider buying a multi-step headlight restoration kit. These kits usually contain several steps for restoring your headlight to its original clarity.
  • These kits generally include washing, sanding, buffering, and polishing. Although these kits take longer to finish, they are worth it because they combine the best features of conventional and photo initiated kits.
  • You’ll be able to get the same stunning results in a fraction of the time. You’ll be sure to enjoy a safer ride with crystal clear headlights.
  • To restore your headlights, you must first clean the headlight lenses. You should also clean the hazy plastic. Then, use a UV protective coating.

The best protection comes from UVA light. And don’t forget to add UV protection to your vehicle’s exterior. These products will not harm your paint or chrome trim. So, the next time you see a dull headlight, take it to a professional!

The first step in headlight restoration is to mask the surrounding paint to prevent any scratches. You should use masking tape to protect the paint surrounding your headlight lenses from debris and water.

The hood must be removed before restoring your headlights. Once you’ve done this, you can apply a clear coat to your headlights. This will ensure that your headlights stay protected for years to come. You can even do it yourself!

Once you’ve thoroughly sanded your headlights, you should apply a UV sealant to the lenses to prevent them from hazing. This will prevent UV rays from damaging the plastic coating.

Another tip is to make sure that your headlight restoration kit includes the necessary cleaning liquid. A good polishing kit should also include gloves and microfiber cloths. If you don’t have them, you can also try using a polishing pad to clean the lenses.

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