Accidents Happen: Essential Commercial Glass Tips To Keep In Mind

Crash! The kids must be out back playing ball again. Nothing can put a damper on your weekend like an innocent baseball game gone awry. I mean, who thinks about commercial glass repair companies on their day off? Well, it turns out that many windshield repair companies, which are easy to find, have begun offering weekend window repair services, which has been historically hard to find. Now that you know that, check out these easy tips for choosing the right one!

Things to Know About Weekend Service

Many companies consider weekend work as overtime for their employees, so getting someone to leave their couch in the middle of an exciting football game might end up costing you more than, say, waiting until Monday. But that’s not necessarily the case; if you absolutely need repairs done on the weekend, make sure to speak with a few commercial glass companies about weekend rates before committing to the work.

Types of Windows

Do you own an old house with original windows? If so, make sure the repair guys and gals know this beforehand. Some companies keep a hearty stock of antique windows on hand at all times. Though they tend to be slightly more expensive than newer windows, antiques can help maintain the value of your house. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to figure out how to mitigate price differences.

Generally, newer windows come in various pane quantities, casings, and enclosures, which distinguish glass thickness. Heavy glass enclosures are thicker than light glass enclosures. Insulated windows are actually comprised of two or more windows with air space in between each layer to maximize the insulating value of the window.

If you’re unsure of the type of window that needs replacing, most commercial glass companies offer free estimates. Heads up: be sure to ask about estimates before committing to an order.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Back to the baseball game. I know you want to fume at your kids and lecture them about playing so close to the house, but before doing that, take a moment to carefully dispose of the broken fragments. As you know, glass can shard, but you should also be aware that it can also crystallize, so you’ll want to be extremely careful with the cleanup.

Make sure to wrap the larger shards in newspaper or something similar, such as an old towel or clothes. Tiny, tiny pieces can remain, so you’ll also want to vacuum the damaged area and surroundings, wiping down the area meticulously, until all the pieces are gone. Cover the opening with a piece of cardboard, using duct tape or other sealant, and call the window people!

Call a Professional

Accidents happen, kids will be kids, and physics never change; a baseball always wins that battle. So be sure to know your local commercial glass professionals, keep their numbers close by, and be sure reiterate the yard rules not just to your kids, but to their friends who might be playing as well. Good luck, and be safe!